Every sales agency believes it has its own particular strengths. However, we feel that Compass brings a supremely professional approach to the marketplace, based around a unique business model and number of special features:

A Dedicated Team with Full National Coverage
We only employ dedicated, salaried representatives who work exclusively for the company and its client publishers. We offer a comprehensive service across all of the UK for both trade and academic publishers, unlike many other independent sales forces.

E-Newsletter and Blog
Marketing and publicity information is sent out via our weekly newsletter Compass Points to over 700 booksellers, and this information can also be accessed on our blog at www.compasspointsnews.blogspot.co.uk

Crossover Sales
The link between Compass and Compass Academic means that we can also offer "cross-over" representation for those titles that have both an academic and a general market - this service is unrivalled by any other UK independent sales force

No Dominant Publishers
We do not have any single lists dominating the portfolio to the detriment of others - the aim is to work with publishers of a medium size who have a clear focus for their business and want to build a strong, ongoing relationship with us.

Communication and Feedback
All client publishers have full access to the sales force, whilst the Compass management team will have regular contact with each client to review progress and plan for the future. In addition, we host regular sales conferences providing the opportunity for publishers to present new titles or projects and have direct contact with feedback from the sharp end - our reps really are your reps!